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The tool for Career Guidance in Bio Save horizon
In the last newsletter of the Bio Save project, you can find information about the tool for career guidance in the project’s horizon. These are presented:
The Bio-Save Career Profiles which
  • Contribute to Green abilities development since the educational material is focused on the topic of climate change mitigation strategies, GHS emissions decrease, and augmentation of the negative impact on the environment.
  • Give a detailed view of STEM knowledge, as well as job-specific and soft skills required for academic professionals and biotech practitioners in the project area.
  • Present wider competence general/wide-ranging skills, underline the professional role of the individual.
  • Upgrade trainees’ green abilities and skills for professional progress in the biotech sector.
  • Stimulate the shift of education towards smart and green competencies.
Bio-Save Competence records which are:
  • Establishing common criteria and qualification standards for delivery of sample documents certifying the achievements one has realized during a defined period of university education
  • Providing the scheme for the acquisition of competencies and how to deliver information on the completed and current education of an individual in the target project area.
Bio-Save Individual profiles with Instructions on how to:
  • Indicate the skills and competencies you have reached in the current training and present the Credit Points gained
  • Provide a chronological list of any paid, volunteer, and fieldwork.
  • Present the Competence profile certificate (CPC) you have been awarded on the basis of the individual profile(s) you have obtained upon completion of the BIO-Save training program
  • Provide any documents and evidence of experience in BIO-Save Horizon.
  • Use the grid to assess, and describe your digital knowledge, skills, and competence and Provide Certificates that you have
  • Provide evidence on honors or awards you received and present Conferences, Seminars and Courses you attended
  • Describe your ideas for the tasks and mission realization and achievement of your goals
Date: 03.10.2023
The tool  for Career Guidance  in Bio Save horizon