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BIO-Save Programme Value
The need for green competencies creation of the workforce in the Modern Biotechnology sector fosters knowledge transfer and innovation through educational programs and resource introduction using opportunities of the HE system.
In this context, the elaborated Result 8 “BIO-Save Programme Value” main aim is to reflect the BIO-Save project results in final impact in terms of:
Provision of sustainability through innovative b-learning approach:
focused on developing an updated EQF/NQF/HE-based b-learning programme for professionals in Modern Biotechnology, created following the partners` specific country needs for more skills and education in the sectors.
Provision of sustainability through the modern e-training environment:
how the application of the created BIO-Save project cloud-based 3D learning platform impacts acquiring new biotechnological and digital skills needed by both employers and society and for target groups' career development.
Provision of sustainability through the training subject:
how the BIO-Save b-learning programme in Modern Biotechnology contributes to stimulating small and medium businesses and enhancing employability in this sector.
Provision of sustainability through targets' selection:
embedding BIO-Save training in real-life cases will further promote the subject among interested parties in the sector.
This promotion will impact not only the HE providers’ awareness but also the quality of life. The focus will be to gain a clearer understanding of the applicability of the proposed HE on the adoption of green and digital skills by young people in the Modern Biotechnology sector and the promotion of entrepreneurship.
Provision of sustainability through dissemination and exploitation actions:
how the workshops and promoting events performed will benefit sharing and dissemination of project deliverables, which will ensure their sustainability after project completion.
Date: 04.09.2023
BIO-Save Programme Value