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BIO-Save Competence Catalogue
Knowledge-based economies require people with higher and more relevant skills. Real-world experience, through problem-based learning and enterprise links, should be embedded across all disciplines and tailored to all levels of education. Biotech organizations need professionals with innovative green qualification characteristics adapted to the challenges and changes in the biotech sector.
The BIO-Save project aims to boost innovations in higher biotechnology education and biotech business by establishing an innovative Learning Outcome-based modular educational programme for EQF/HE qualification levels 6, 7, and 8 and using ECTS to evaluate the units of Learning Outcomes (LOs). The programme implements advanced knowledge and skills and promotes the shift of EU education towards smart and green competencies.
For better recognition of the skills and competencies of the graduates, who are seeking business careers, the BIO-Save Consortium elaborates a Competence Catalogue (Result 7), which exploitation enables the end-users to transform their specific learning and help them remain competitive, i.e., to change and introduce innovation. The Competence Catalogue provides a detailed view of competencies, knowledge, and skills required for HE specialists and biotech practitioners in the project-subject area. This project`s result covers all aspects of qualifications regarding the EQF/HE levels, including the particular skills and knowledge required with respect to the necessary safety, communication, and attitude aspects.
The BIO-Save Competence Catalogue comprises two parts.
Part I: Career Profiles
describes qualifications in the project-subject area in terms of
  • General, Green,
  • Digital Knowledge and Skills,
  • Autonomy and responsibility.
They are designed for specialists and professionals in the target area based on the presentation of LOs. The BIO-Save project partnership prepares these Professional profiles for 5 Biotech career areas in line with EQF/HE/ESTS and policy requirements. 
Part II: Competence Records
includes a set of model documents that prove the knowledge and skills gained through the BIO-Save Learning resources for the defined occupation. The qualifications are presented, following the established EQF/NQF/HE quality criteria, procedures, and standards.
Date: 30.08.2023
BIO-Save Competence  Catalogue