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Guide “Green biotech business for young entrepreneurs”
The transition to a carbon-neutral EU by 2050 under the Green Deal is related to changes in the entire products` life cycle and stimulating sustainable consumption and the circular economy. People`s awareness of green business opportunities development should be raised as a solution for adverse climate changes. Modern biotechnology approaches can help in business decisions assessing, valuing and managing, and achieving compliance with environmental standards and certification schemes.
The BIO-Save project answers these challenges by elaborating a Guide “Green Biotech Business for Young Entrepreneurs” (Result 6)
that promotes a better understanding of environmental risks and describes exemplary applications of modern biotechnology approaches for climate change mitigation. It is a handbook for young biotech professionals and entrepreneurs willing to make biotech business included in the Blended Learning Pathways (LO13).
The Guide is also intended for the broader audience interested in green products and processes and their practical application for climate change mitigation.
The “Green Biotech Business for Young Entrepreneurs” Guide comprises two parts.
  • The first, titled ”Green Products and Bioprocesses Overview” provides knowledge on new bioprocesses and bioproducts introduction in various industrial sectors and focuses on the need for the bio-based (circular) economy development.
  • The Guide`s second part (Smart Practicals in Green Products Development and Business) aims to enrich young entrepreneurs’ knowledge of how companies in different sectors apply the already developed green products and technologies to combat climate change.
The Guide strengthens the vision for biotechnology innovations and their implementation toward a sustainable bioeconomy.
Date: 03.08.2023
Guide “Green biotech business for young entrepreneurs”