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Green Business in Bio Save Horizon
The BIO-Save Guide Green Business for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Raises awareness and promotes better understanding on environmental risks and green business opportunities.
  • Shows how modern biotechnology approaches help in assessing, valuing, and managing business decisions for compliance with environmental standards and certification schemes.
  • Supports young entrepreneurs and practitioners in the biotech sector in gaining innovative knowledge, skills, and competences.
  • Supports the implementation of companies’ green business management systems to adopt cooperative sustainable strategies for climate change mitigation.
  • Reaches a broader audience interested in green business products and their practical use.
  • Follows the testing of eco-innovative business ideas, consultations among the partners and stakeholders, and assessment of the capacity.
  • Is blueprinted as Learning Outcomes and Units.
  • Offers content in English, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish and Italian.
  • Organises different biotechnology subjects as Learning Outcomes.
Has two main parts:
Part I Green products and bio-processes overview
which introduces new products and processes covering topics of:
  • Engineering sustainable food production
  • Using carbon dioxide as a raw material
  • Non-resource draining zero waste bioprocessing
Part II Green products development and business
discusses short case studies on how the products are used by companies in different contexts and sectors.
Date: 22.09.2022
Green Business in Bio Save Horizon