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B Land Project Training Materials
[tB Land Project
Promote and Strengthen Business Development Skills in Rural Communities
Training course structure and materials development for 7 learning modules
The main objective of the course is to prepare the participants to professionally lead an entrepreneurship course for VET trainers/ teachers. By the end of the course, participants will have a substantial understanding of tools for facilitating entrepreneurial skills among their future students. They will get teaching guidelines for teaching core entrepreneurial competencies, including business modeling, design thinking, business planning, and the use of social media as a necessary tool for entrepreneurship.
  • Module 1 General Knowledge
  • Module 2 Management of Micro SMEs
  • Module 3 Legal Aspects
  • Module 4 Financial Skills
  • Module 5 Negotiations
  • Module 6 Computer and Internet (including social media) Skills
  • Module 7 Data Analysis and Research Skills
You can download the training material here:
Date: 22.07.2022
B Land Project Training Materials