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Watch the new AQUABIOPRO-FIT project video
The AQUABIOPRO-FIT project aims to create natural marine-biobased products with high nutritional value from side streams. Approximately 50% of the fish biomass caught or farmed are labelled non-edible side streams and are often discarded, even though they are rich in protein, omega-3s, minerals and other valuable nutrients. In this video, we explain how this EU project will develop innovative and non-conventional processing technologies to recover valuable ingredients from fish side streams in a sustainable way. Subsequently, our research partners will combine these ingredients to create nutritional supplements that improve fitness, metabolism and mental health.
The video also sheds light on other aspects of the AQUABIOPRO-FIT project. Namely the optimization of the farming and processing of tunicates that can be used as a novel source of fibre and protein in animal feed. As well as the e-learning platform that will provide training to people working in seafood industries on new processing methods and tools on how to develop products from lab to industrial scale.
Please view the AQUABIOPRO-FIT project video here
Date: 12.11.2021
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Watch the new AQUABIOPRO-FIT project video