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B-LAND Project 1st News Letter
The main aim OF B-LAND project is to assist VET educators of low-skilled young adults in 4 partner countries to become successful entrepreneurs with a focus on small business development. The partnership aims to increase the vocational competencies of trainers through an innovative pedagogy & approach to teaching with the use of interactive and innovative mobile learning applications applied for rural contexts. The main output of this project will consist of multilingual INSTANT ACCESS MOBILE CLASSROOM in the form of 7 learning modules for innovative VET curricula that will address the most important topics on entrepreneurship education as business modeling, design thinking, business planning, or use of ICT tools; and will focus on pedagogical approach on they can develop their skills of personalizing learning and making it more engaging & relevant to young adults from rural areas.
B-LAND project has started! On 27-th of November 2020, the first meeting of ourproject took place. Meeting took place on-line with the participation ofrepresentatives of all partners of the project from Bulgaria, Greece,
Poland, andSpain.
The kick-off meeting was devoted to the presentation of the project's aims andobjectives as well as for developing the work plan for the entire project. The mostimportant issues were set for the first 6 months of the project implementation.
According to the application, the partnership will work on the first
IO for 5 monthsand discuss the next IO during the next on-line meeting in February 2021.
What's next?
After elaboration of the Intellectual Output 1, we will begin the work on the second part of the project products which are the training course structure and materials for the development of 7 learning modules. It will focus on development of the high quality training content for the B- LAND target group. This work will be realized in the next 20 months and will contain elaboration of the content and complex testing by the beneficiaries of our project.
Date: 11.04.2021
B-LAND Project 1st News Letter