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Biognosis in AQUABIOPRO-FIT project Kick Off in Bergen Norway
AQUABIOPRO-FIT, an EU project funded by the BBI JU, officially launched the start of the project with the Kick-off meeting held at the Nofima office in Bergen, Norway on 10-11 April 2018. AQUABIOPRO-FIT is an EU-funded project aimed at utilising aquaculture and agriculture biomass by-products as a source of proteins and bioactives for feed, fitness and health-promoting nutritional supplements. By making use of sustainable processing technologies, nutrients and bioactives will be up-concentrated while maintaining product quality and minimising waste.
Thirty participants representing the 12 partners from 7 European countries were present during the meeting. After an initial introduction from the project coordinator, Dr. Katerina Kousoulaki, there was the opportunity to get to know one another, explain the activities and roles of each partner and to discuss the plans and next steps. And despite being one of the rainiest cities in the world, we were able to enjoy two days of sunny weather in Bergen.
Date: 10.04.2018
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Biognosis in AQUABIOPRO-FIT project Kick Off in Bergen Norway