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Activities - Medical surveys
Serving its tasks, Biognosis has the capacity to organize and support carefully configured health surveys, providing a useful tool to professionals. The healthcare progress around the world yields a huge, variety of medical research. Online medical surveys are the best way to realize patient expectations, collect health statistics, or gather data from members of the medical community. Online surveys are an accessible way to measure patient feedback or employee satisfaction, and to monitor patients’ diet and health habits. Efficient surveys are distributed through email, websites, mobile devices, or even computers in waiting rooms.
Healthy lifestyle programs questionnaires can capture patient's interest in new lifestyle programs such as health and nutrition classes, smoking cessation, stress reduction, weight loss, overcoming insomnia, anxiety management, childbirth, or pain management for chronic conditions. Due to the wide range of knowledge & experiences, of its professionals, Biognosis has the capacity to organize, conduct and support medical surveys on different topics, critical on understanding the needs and demands of a population.
If you need to get a questionnaire in front of a specific population, our team of experts with a long experience in online medical surveys can help you efficiently. We can create your custom health survey or use an existing expert template. Place your criteria, and we can help you to find correct responses.
In Biognosis
You can put your medical research in action and we will assist you to:
  • Design correct sample size
  • Conduct your research reducing bias
  • Activate your audience
  • Collect feedback & leads
  • Grow your mailing list
There are always smart ways to use surveys to explore potential benefits and barriers for your clients, to better identify healthcare needs of your patients, to identify any deficiencies of your services and finally to improve your business profile.